Sunday, May 17, 2009

Will & Baseball!

The season is over for Will - they had a good run. They were fourth in the player pool. They had won their game 10 -4. There was one minute left in the game. The OD told them to play one more inning. The other team came back and won - so now they are out - it was a BUMMER in the end. But . . . I'm glad to have one less practice, game etc. . . to go to - because it is getting HOT!!! Will was really into baseball this season. I think he has found his sport. We really like our boys to try everything and have fun trying different activities. However with Will he is so limited what he can do with his heart. There are so many sports that can't play - the fact that He did really well this year and wanted for himself is exciting to see him grow.

Things I loved about Will & Baseball:
1 - He is a great catcher! He's not afraid of the ball coming to him, and he seem's comfortable in that position.
2 - You can tell he thinks he is cool when he is up to bat. (Tucker concentrates soooo hard to play well - at times he doesn't look relaxed. . . Will doesn't even care what he is doing - he really is having fun)
3 - One time Will was at the plate waiting for a good pitch. A helicopter flew by - he actually started to watch it instead of playing, he was called a strike because he was so busy looking at the sky - soooo funny!!!
4 - As much as he can get distracted, when he is concentrating . . . he really is starting to understand the game and knows where the next play is.
5 - He never can find his cleats when we need them (I love it now that the season is over)
6 - He has had the same number for the last 4 years - #8 - I'm not sure if he will be able to handle another number. He is becoming possessive!
7 - He is always wanting snacks from the snack bar. My boys live to go and buy things on their own there. Snow cones, nacho's, candy etc. . .
8 - It was fun to see how much he has grown. His pants were not so short or tight at the beginning of the season - he has outgrown them.
9 - He had a lot of friends on the team this year that he knew from school - it made it worth it!


Bryce and Bree said...

He looks like a total natural! so cute. baseball is such a fun sport.


How cute is he!! I love baseball, and watching your kids play is the best!! Hope you are all doing well!