Tuesday, May 26, 2009

SChOooools Out for Summer! & TALYOR SWIFT

I love having my kids home - I'm glad that school is finally out!

We lucked out and had the chance to pick-up Taylor Swift tickets because another family didn't realize that it was graduation night and their son was graduating - so took Carson and a friend. She took one of her best friends - Kassidy.  So far I just love Taylor Swift for our girls (and me)  She is such an adorable entertainer.  

Westgate area is soooo beautiful. They have many top restaurants, shopping, movie theatres, water fountain shows at the Jobing.com arena. Doug and I took the girls and hung out - it was fun.


Monya said...

the girls and I wanted to go to that concert sooooo bad, but because of graduation it was a "NO GO" sounds like you had a great time.
Hey did you get my emails? Amy said they came to her, so I am not sure if she forwarded them or not?
let me know 602-330-5602
I still would love to show you the Heritage Makers business I can come to your house if you want

Andrea said...

such a fun concert. had a blast!

Kerri said...

I am so jealous!! I love Taylor Swift! She is one of my favorites!