Tuesday, January 27, 2015


As my kids get older, it becomes harder, and harder to keep traditions.  They seem to have a lot of their own activities with their friends.  But some things are still in place.

2015 Christmas Card

Friday, August 19, 2011

UCLA Heart Camp Fundraiser

Just after Christmas last year, I thought my Christmas season for invitations would slow down . . but it didn't.  In fact my small business keep increasingly busy more then ever.  As much as I enjoyed what I did - I literally had no more time for anything.

I was getting ready for "CHD Awareness" which we always doe every year because of Will, that I realized I could no longer continue on.  We left for California.  We went over to UCLA to an event that they hosted for kids that go to "Camp Del Corazon".  I felt so good about letting go of that part of my world and was looking forward to some down time. . . . When I got home that week I was called into the YW presidency in my ward.  Soooo that's where I have been for the last few months.  We have had a ton of fun activities like Girls Camp, big combined activities etc. . . When girls camp was over we left for a family reunion up at Zion's National Park.  Things have been moving so fast - but needless to say I have been loving my busy life and hope to catch back up with blogging.  I love to blog and miss that outlet - sooo hopefully back to recording the fun events that we get involved with.

CHD AWARENESS STUFF i.e. Ethan's Run, UCLA, PCH Thank a doctor

Lisa Knight director of Camp Del Corozon, and Coach of the UCLA Women's Gymnastics - Chris Waller . . . who had a heart defect himself!

TOMMY BURGERS!!  YUMM!  One of my BFF's came and met our family for dinner!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

strawberry cabin: christmas Time

We went up to the cabin the day after with friends.  We had a great time!  We took the kids up there to fossil creek to be able to shoot off their BB guns.  It was really cold.  The cabin was warm and cozy.  However, I never knew that we could have a camp fire at fossil creek.  That made for a cold day.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Going Private

I think I'm going private!! Please send me your e-mail to be added to my list of viewers.  I am having too many people from other countries like Indonesia, China, New Zealand etc. . . .  Not sure who these people are.  I kept my blog open for awhile for good reasons - but those reason are no longer.

So please send me your e-mail my way - thanks soo much!! - andi

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Gilbert Temple Groundbreaking Event

We are so excited for our new Temple to be built here in Gilbert, only 5 min. down the road.  It was exciting to be down at the event with all the members from around our area.  Since we have been back to some church history sites - all the kids thought it was really similar to when the saints were getting ready for the Nauvoo or Kirkland Temple.

Yeah - Rowdy hit Shane on the head with the shovel - OUCH!
Kendal and Shane holding temple shovel