Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I'm in awesome wonder of how life plays out.  I keep thinking my schedule is going to let up . . . I've been praying or promising the Lord that I'm going to do better with my priorities - I'm sure he testing me to see if I really mean it.    I came across someones blog that touched me soooo much.  She was sharing about how hard life can seem, we're all busy - we are all trying hard to do the right thing in raising our children, feeding our families, juggling church callings, work and all the things we feel responsible for -- we all are trying to do the right thing, but there are people out there that seek wickedness, who criticize and seek to destroy good spirits..  It can get us down.  I'll admit that I have been letting it get to me, I've been having a pitty party - but her words were what I needed to hear.  She shared her favorite story from the Book of Mormon, in Alma, about Helaman sends an epistle to Moroni, recounting the state of the war with the Lamanites.  Moroni asks Pahran to send reinforcements to strengthen the forces of Helaman, and when he doesn't receive a reply, he complains to Pahoran of his supposed neglect.  Finally, Pahoran is able to reply back, and without being offended, explains to Moroni that they were not neglecting them, they were just in the middle of warfare themselves.

She shares that Life is like that with us, We feel like we are fighting the battles of this mortal existence, and wonder why others don't see our struggles and come to our rescue.  When the truth of it is, they would if they could, but they are engulfed in the trenches of mortal strife themselves.  She continued to share how its important to give people the benefit of the doubt.  People are good inside, and we all are fighting the same mortal war.  We all are fighting for truth and righteousness in our own way.

I just loved this - this was just for me - this changed my attitude and good timing because today . . . we had a HUGE water leak bust in our family room and laundry room.  We had a restoration crew come out and take care of it.  They had cut through all the dry wall and pull up half of our flooring.  It will need to replaced.  I know for a fact that my attitude was so much more positive today that my kids were soooo great today.  They really pitched in and helped me get things moved quickly and do what we needed to do to accommodate the restoration crew that came in.  They'll be working through the weekend on all of this.  

I just have to say - I appreciate so much the friends from our neighborhood and ward that are always so willing to help out.  I had a many offers to help me with my laundry (that was neglected all last week that is now is soaking wet)  Thanks soooo much ya'll!  It just reminds me how much I need the gospel in my life to handle the "little" bumps - I look back on today and know this is soooo little - I think about what Andrea W. is going through and know my strife is soo trivial.  Our family had such a close family prayer and ended the day just laughing wrestling and stuff.  The kids are enjoying the adventure going on.

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