Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Just One world. . . One life. . . .2 dance!

Our recital this year was fun!  The show was great!  There were many little dancers that were fun to make sure we caught their show!  My girls just love hanging out with their friends back stage.  Some times they can get a little wild - but it's all in good fun.  out of the Gooch cousins we had a total of 8 out of 15 grand kids that dance in the show!  It definitely is a family affair!  Our "Super Hero" class - sooo cute!
Sisters, it was fun to see them in the same dances!


Gooches said...

You need to send me that picture of Hobbers! That is alot of the grandkids, I hadn't added it up! How fun and what memories! Carson and Baylie did so good!

Arizona Arnolds said...

It was a great show. (or 5 however you look at it!) Thanks for the pictures. Can I take you up on your create-a-header idea?