Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Ohhh I can breath now!!

OK - this week has been pretty intense trying to finish typing up our dance recital program.  It's kinda like doing a year book - in one week.  Believe me I have tried to start earlier this year - but it's not uncommon to have most everything thrown at me last minute.  So what I have been up to on top of all of it??  Taking Carson to summer school - another blog entry for another day (all good); started swim team for both Tucker and Will - we have only been once this year; finishing up our dance season - rehearsals, pictures, ever increasing complicated car pools etc. . .  ha ha; I went and spoke at 6th ward HFE on pantry solutions (food storage stuff); hurried onto my own ward's practice for next week HFE - I will be role playing a mom that is over scheduled and complicates her life because of it - oh how appropriate!!  It's funny how or when you learn little life's lessons.  I will be playing myself i guess.

I have some great handouts from last nights HFE - if you want, I'll e-mail you them, just let me know :)

Our recital is next weekend - I can't wait!  I always can't wait for it to be over with - but then I'm sad for the season to be over too!!  This year I'll have both my girls in it, and several friends from the ward, I can't wait!


Carolyn said...

You did an awesome job on this! You are so talented. Well I'm glad that it is over with. Sounds like the recital is going to be fun with both girls in it. I really wish I was down there to go with you again. LOL that you are playing an oversheduled mother....but still, I don't think most mother's can juggle as much as you do and as well as you do it and still be a great mother like you are. So don't be too hard on yourself. :) Sounds like you are really going to enjoy summer. Are you still planning on coming up to Utah end of July?

Andi Gooch said...

Yes - we hope to be there for pioneer day and the next week Carson has EFY! - Call me so we can make plans!!!! I was hoping Judy and Mary would be up there at the same time - but they have a bunch of stuff happening down here - I hop to see you - at least you and me for lunch in SLC???

Kerri said...

Hey! I would love for you to e-mail me some of the enrichment hand-outs, thanks Andi!!

I hope this next week goes well with all the dance stuff. You have been BUSY!!

shawni said...

I totally wish I could have been there... I need advice! E-mail me the info. if you can. Good luck with all the other stuff. I can't believe summer is passing so quick!