Monday, May 19, 2008


Sunday night Doug and I went to go and see Todd & Kathryn's new baby - sooo cute
"Finn Gooch" - hope to load up picture soon!

We kinda were enjoying the drive with NO kids, ha ha, we realized we were gone for awhile.  We walked in the door just in time to see Will get stung by a scorpion 2x.  He was sooo upset and crying.  We iced it and gave him motrin and made him sleep in the sofa chair sitting up.  We told him we were very sorry that this happened to him, but in a way were glad that this didn't happen to Rowdy.  "way to take on for the team!"  "You're a Hero!"  "You're the SCORPION KING"  This of course stopped the crying . . . you could see his chest puff up - feeling kinda tough and proud of him self.  However, Doug slept on the sofa next to him to watch over everything.  We have called poison control before over this - it's kinda a wait and see if there is a problem thing.  I guess our whole family was worried because Baylie ended up sleeping on the other sofa upset.  Tucker fell off the top bunk bed at 1:30 in the morning - he said he was trying to stomp/ jump on the scorpion in his dream - which woke everyone up.  Both Doug and I kept dreaming the poison had gone to his heart and he went into cardiac arrest.  (These kind of things we forget about with Will.)

So needless to say after a tough night we wake up to Will . . . being the first one up!  All Dressed!!  Hair combed, teeth brushed, already ate breakfast, huge cheesy smile on his face.  he came into the kitchen and slid across the floor in his socks "Good morning mom!" Whaaattt???  He was in the best mood ever - I guess he's OK, (thanks for keeping us up all night - ha ha)
We now call him the Scorpion King!

Picture of him about a year ago - Him and Tucker loved to dress up - they loved the movie scorpion king - here is their version of it - how do they compare???? HA HA


The Bonds said...

That is scarry...glad he is okay.

On a side note, love that your picture comes up when you leave a comment! How do I do that?

The Bonds said...

Never mind...this was the first comment I left and there is a picture of my kids after I left it :-).

Tracey said...

Do you have scorpions consistently? We have them really bad & no one has been stung yet, i keep saying it is just a matter of time. I am glad he is o.k!

Andrea said...

Hi! Jenee Wright-Prince does the singing group and she is great! Her number is 844-7408. She has classes on Friday afternoons in East Mesa. She also does classes in Queen Creek. I'm not sure when, though. She does great summer camps so call soon if you're interested.

Carolyn said...

I am so glad he is okay...that is awesome that you turned it into a "cool thing", you are an awesome mom like that! How impressive that he got up and did all of that on his own in the morning. Can you train Ty to get ready like that on his own??? :)