Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Life moves QUICKLY!!!

My life just never seems to slow down - But . . . I am loving the ride!  Last week we had two graduations in our family - for Carson in 8th grade and Baylie from 6th.  I was pleased that Rowdy did well being dragged around all day to all the different end of the school year events!  To top off the day my girls had a sleep over - probably for the first time ever - I went to bed and slept through it - the day really wore on me (I'm getting old - yikes).  I just loved all the girls that came over - they are such good girls and respectful to our big family situation - KUDO's to all you great parents for raising such wonderful young women!

So to try and slow down our family life - we got away - just our family, away from all the hustle and bustle of life - I guess we left great weather in the valley to go to a colder . . . much colder then expected up at our family cabin in Strawberry.  Things slowed down enough to be able to catch site of nature - there were elk everywhere!  It was so cool to see them come right out in front of you - in plain sight.  We went hiking to get ready for the "Trek" - We wanted Carson to really work in her new boots/shoes for it all.
We had so much fun - watching video's together, we had a family talent show, played cards, and read books - it was soooooo nice!  The boys collected their usual bugs, lizards etc. . .  Will tried to pull up tree stumps . . . every now and then you catch a hint of that future priesthood holder . . . I caught him picking flowers!!  I just loved seeing a tender side to him.
One day we took the sand rails out for a spin - while unloading all of our gear - Rowdy was put in one of the go-carts, after watching all the kids ride around all day - he had to have his turn - surprisingly he played in that position for quite a while - so cute!

This last picture is for Amy . . . every now and then I can get Doug to play card games with us - it took some coaxing, but he did play - when are we going to have that phase 10 night?


Gooches said...

How fun Andi! Your kids are getting too big. I can't believe Carson is going to be 15!

Tracey said...

Andi- What is your e-mail address & i will give you her number. I don't know if she is accepting new students but it is worth a call - she is awesome! Looks like you guys had fun up north!

Carolyn said...

What a nice trip away from it all! Even if it was cold. It's so great to see your family are such a strong bunch! You're an awesome mom for making your family so strong. :)