Friday, May 16, 2008

HOME RUN!!!! . . . and character counts

Well, tonight we had one of Tucker's last baseball game before playoffs.  I haven't been able to go a lot this season because usually it's bed  time for Rowdy or the girls have dance etc. . . Tonight was a great night to go the entire time and enjoy it.  Tucker has a really good coach, he's really positive, but competitive at the same time - we really like that!  They were doing pretty good so the game could have ended and all would have been fine.  However it's the last inning, bases loaded and Tucker up to bat.  Tucker hit the ball left field . . . HOME RUN!! He brought in 4 runs, the game ended because they run-rolled the other team.  What a way to end the game!!  Tucker was soooo happy with himself, he's one of the youngest team members and sometimes he's not up to speed with the other boys, so I know he was happy to get a good play!

This is the winning hit! - I just love this guy!!! 
I just love his smile sooo much, he melts my heart

Rowdy just loves being out side - he was soo good hanging out!
Will had his 2nd grade singing program at Pioneer Elementary "Character Counts"  He had the biggest smile on his face the entire time as he sang and danced - it was sooo cute to see him up there on the stage - I left the program with such Joy in my heart - I had so much fun watching my son . . . have so much fun!  He has great kids in his class with lots of cute friends.


Gooches said...

seriously...He is going to break hearts!!

Molly said...

Andi! I love your blog!! I was thinking of you today and how creative you are! I was wondering if you have any ideas for an FHE lesson on the 2000 stripling warriors?? Any cute clipart? Graphics! Any ideas are great- I'm stuck!!Email me at


Mom of Two said...

Your kids are so grown up!! and so cute!! Please send our congrats to Todd and Kathryn as well, we hope they are doing good!