Thursday, May 15, 2008

Baylie Boop & GNO

This week it was science camp for Baylie my 12 yr old.  She is such a soft spirit in our home.  They left Monday early, by that evening I was crying - I'm such a baby.  Baylie has a way of balancing our home life.  I could definitely tell there was something missing in our home.  However, I knew she was having a good time - and happy that she was having this experience.  She has some neat friends . . . and I was glad their mom's were on the trip to help watch over her.  I always think she is so shy and not really out there with her personality except at home - but after taking out her memory stick on her camera, I could see that there is more then the eye can see - ha ha!
Carson, although she wont admit it (because she pulling for her own room) I know she was a little off pace too with out Baylie - ha ha

The other night we had "GNO" Girls Night Out - it's our last one before the summer - We went up to Tempe Market Place and ate at Lucille's BBQ - soo good!  One of the gals just bought a new corvette and took it out for the evening - it was sooo funny - this is their version of "Thelma and Louise" - ha ha, we got a good laugh - Marla made GNO music CD's for the cars - sooo fun! - Just good silly fun!

Go figure - I would be the one with my eyes closed - OH WELL!


Cheri said...

Hey Andi!!!

Love your blog title.. SO CUTE!.. and original! I am still so new at all of this... still learning the ropes!!

Great pics!!

Call me about the girls... Katie is finally tumbling again!!

Judy said...

Hi Girl!
Cute pic of your girls! Lookin at your blog still wishing mine was going! Maybe someday...gotta run!

Ouch! Sorry about your Bosch!

Kerri said...

Thanks for planning such a fun night!! Cute blog you have going on!!