Monday, May 12, 2008

My made up funny for the day!

OK - once a month I cook up chicken in my roaster oven - shred it and freeze it.  I learned this from Lori Gehring.  I thought I was really on the ball with it this month.  Started to cook it all- emptied out all my chicken etc. . .  I realized the cooker had been sitting next to my Bosh mixer too close - and it melted it!!!!  I was soo upset at first - but then I tried to make believe that some day this will be funny - so it this will be my funny for the day!  . . . and boy did I need a funny moment - we took our teenage daughter out to by hiking boots last night before it gets too late for a pioneer trek she will be going on with our stake at the end of the month.  We had to convince her that the shoes she needs to wear does not be a fashion show!  It was such a struggle to convince her that comfort is more important. . . . any way . . . 
my funny for the day.


Mom of Two said...

Cute blog!! Sorry about your roaster! Actually, the greenpages blog is for the NonProfit Organization that my Dad has started (GreenPlanet). I just help contribute to the blog along with my sister. My family's blog is

It will be fun to stay connected through blogging!! I am excited for our reunion at Thanksgiving! I hope your family is doing well!! Take care!

Kerri said...

What a HUGE bummer, so sorry!! Hopefully GNO cheered you up a bit! :)

Gooches said...

ANDI!!! That sucks!