Monday, April 5, 2010

Spring Break 2010

We had the chance to go to Disney for Spring Break. We threw in a day at the Beach! We had a ton of fun. We met up with friends for the first few days - hooked up with Tally & Nate & their family the last few days.

"Mom - do I really have to wear this??? "  Carson used to LOVE Goofy.  Growing up when we would go to Disney she has bought the stuffed animal, looked for him to take a picture, etc. . .   This year she had NO interest - I am sad that Goofy is now in the past for her.  None of my kids cared to take any pictures with any of the charactors.  Those little moments are slipping away :(

Love this girls!! They are so fun to hang with!
These girls are fast becoming my best friends - I love it!  I miss the girly girl stuff - but they are growing into beautiful young women!

We took a break from the "big"rides and went on the Merry Go Round for Rowdy.  He could not have enjoyed it more!  He laughed so hard during the entire ride - we had to go back 2 more times.  It was so fun to watch him ride.

We had a chance to meet up with friends!!  It was fun for everyone to hang with great people!!
Huntington Beach
We got to hang with Nate & Tally and their family.  The weather was perfect!!!!  The kids played so great together.  Rowdy could not get enough of Deacon - so cute!!  We eat on the pier, and shopped at Jacks etc. . . 


Anonymous said...

Looks like so much fun!

The Wrights said...

Your kids are so stinkin cute!