Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Baylie's Birthday

I was so busy in Dec. with cards and christmas . . . I didn't get a chance to blog about Baylie's birthday!

This was the LAST year I could pull of a "theme" oriented party that was somewhat girlish - but I couldn't pass it up. I knew the girls are at that stage where it's cheesy to have a party that's not about boys or the mall etc. . . I did take a chance to share with them that it's OK to be a girl still that they decide what's cool or not. I appreciated that they let down their gaurd and allowed themselves to have fun with it.

"Little House on the Prairie" musical had come out on Baylie's actual b-day. Since we have season tickets to the Gammage we thought it would be fun for Baylie to take a few friends to see the play.

Since I can't pass an opportunity to go all out for the event:


This is what I wanted the invite to look like - but she changed her mind against the pic at the last minute:

We went to dinner to the Cracker Barrell for some old fashion dining. Baylie and I put together some treat bags with some "old-time" candy. It was so fun:

At every play they always have their fun merchandise. My kids always want a T-shirt or something to reminds of the play.
So I had my gread Step-Mom Marcia Clark sew up these really cute bonnets to give to all
the girls as well. Again, I know it was border-line with their age - but it was so fun to give them. They can always wear it for a trek when needed.

Saw the play & waited outside for "Melissa Gilbert" to come out and so we could get her autograph. She played the part of Ma. The play was surprisingly well done. It was a perfect Christmas play to have for Baylie's birthday.

This was my inspiration - I can't take credit - this gal had a pioneer party:

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