Saturday, August 15, 2009

Summer in Carlsbad - 4th of july

We had a great summer this year. But starting off - my computer crashed!!! Such a bummer - I lost so many pictures. Thanks to blogging - I still have some of the pics, but low res, oh well! I'm still recovering from it. But new memories have come and I have been wanting to update for awhile - it's been awhile!

California - Carlsbad - 4th of July!

It's always fun to have friends at the beach too! Carson's friend Ashley's family has a condo over in Carlslbad and they are they are there for the summer. So we always make sure we hang with them for a day or two.

These kids body surfed their heart out! They could not get enough of the fun!

We just laugh at Carson so much and her verbal "fo-paws". She can be such an airhead at pronunciating things. Intead of saying "Tahoe" she would say "Toe - ha" We laugh. So now when she says something so silly we will all laugh and say "Toe - ha ha ha ha". While at the outlets she said mom, I recognise that story "oooosh Kooosh" . . . . toe ha ha ha ha!


kristen said...

What a fantastic summer you have had. I bet your parents were thrilled to see all of you! What a great surprise for them and a wonderful trip for you guys. I would love to do some of the church history tour. I'm going to have to call you whenever we decide to finally do it! Sounds like you have found all the tips on the best way to do it! Fun summer for sure. I wish we could have gotten together before we left, but I'm glad you come here often. I'll look forward to seeing you next time your in town!! Keep in touch, and I miss you!

The Burkinshaws said...

Allright Andi, here is the website it is super easy and perfect for what we need..

ammon & Kim Riggs said...

what a blast it looks like you had. carson looks like i did in my pictures at that age," like are you really going to take another picture". Your awesome, thanx for the computer tips!