Saturday, August 15, 2009

Palmyra, NY Trip - Part I

We took a trip back east to Palmyra, NY. We have been wanting to go back there for a long time. My parents are on a LDS mission there, this will be their last summer so we went back there to visit with them.

I highly suggest anyone who is going on this trip to buy the book "The LDS Family Travel Guide - Palmyra" Soooo good. I had done a ton of planning on my own - but this book really gave us so many good tips.

We went backwards and traveled to Kirkland, OH first. We knew the Palmyra Pageant was going on at the time, we wanted to go towards the end of the pageant to avoid all of the crowds.

Kirkland, OH

After we left Kirkland, we headed for Niagara Falls in Canada. On our way we drove by Lake Erie. We had a quick stop off - it was so beautiful. We had never seen any of the Great lakes before. It was a fun impromptu visit! I love moments like that , were you can just feel the love that we had for each other - having great fun!

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