Sunday, March 15, 2009

Latest Happenings!

A ton of things are always happening - I love the craziness of it all!  So I realized I need to catch up some of the day to day things!

We got to have "josh" come down from Utah for a hockey Tournament.  It was a ton of fun to have him here - my kids think he is a celebratiy.  He is so funny - we were able to catch a few games.  My oldest daughter hung out with the team - she getting to know all the hockey terms.  It was fun to see her call out things.  My boys enjoy the fights (mostly my big one - Doug).
Josh really knows how to ham it up !

This is what I get if I leave the room for a minute - Rowdy crawled up and got on my comp.  He really looked like he knew what he was doing.

These little glitter balls are the new craze.  I think it is funny, because I chose not to buy my boys these balls because I thought for sure they wouldn't want them because they were glitter/girly - But Doug got them for the boys and they take them to school - hmmmnnn just to show you you never know?

Rowdy really just tries to do everything that everyone else does.

My oh my - who is having more fun - the scout leader or the boys??  Hmmmnnn


Gooches said...

Fun Pictures Andi!

Janelle Openshaw said...
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Janelle Openshaw said...

Love all the pictures! It is great to see what you guys are up to. We are looking forward to seeing you guys this summer! Cute new hair cut and Happy Anniversary too!

Abby said...

Great pictures, love the ones of Rowdy on the trampoline! He is so cute!

I love your new background!! Did you do it yourself?

Daily Comics said...

Thanks Abby - I did do my own background - but I am having problems with my header - still trying to figure out all the code - oh well.