Friday, March 13, 2009

18 years and still Married!

Doug and I will be celebrating our 18th anniversary!!  Some days it seems like we just were married and then it seems like so far away.

18 things I love about Doug!

1.  He is the biggest Goof - funny, he makes me laugh!
2.  He is a GREAT and I mean GREAT Dad!  I love him a ton just for this!!!!!!  He has always helped with parenting.
3.  I love how he gets along with everyone.  He is such even key - not much frazzles him - I love how he calms the boat (I rock it).
4.  He can quote any stat about any sport out there - but for some reason can not remember what I said 5 min. ago - believe it or not I do think this is funny.
5.  He has a great family!  I love the Gooches!
6.  When we wrestle he could easily over power me - but he lets me win every time.
7.  He doesn't get mad at me to often - and there are times he should (after a trip to Buckle or the Apple store)
8.  We both love baseball - and love to eat hot dogs watching a good game.
9.  He is the worst fix up guy - he really needs a handyman to help him epoxy anything!
10.  He is VERY organized and neat - I think it's a result of being first born - I, on the other hand am the baby and I'm really messy!  One time I had shoes all over the front entry way.  he lined them up, making them walk back to the closet - ha ha
11.  We both love the same music - from Cold Play, Simple Plan, Areo Smith all the way to Taylor Swift and Avril Levine.
12.  We both love to quad ride together, camp, ride bikes.
13.  He's has a great "green thumb".  Our flowers look good ALL year - and that's hard to do in AZ.
14.  We both love going to the movies together.
15.  He loves to be outdoors and doesn't mind that I love to be indoors.
16.  I love to watch him play ball - any ball - Football, Softball, B-ball, sometimes I'll see him laughing away out there.  (I am glad the the punk competitive days are over, ha ha - but good times with Lavender and the Gooch brothers!)
17.  He's a great coach for our boys for any sport their involved with.
18.  He the one guy I feel safe with - and I LOVE him for that!!!

Love ya Babe!


Gooches said...

Happy Anniversary! You guys are awesome.

Rhonda said...

Ah..what a great guy. We will celebrate our 18 years in May. It goes by so fast. Happy anniversary.

Arizona Arnolds said...

You two are adorable! Congrats on 18 years...good example to the whole world.