Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Where does the time go???

I know I haven't blogged in awhile - I have been pretty busy at home with one really curious little boy.  I don't remember my other kids being so active and into EVERYTHING!

The other day Rowdy got into the diaper ointment and rubbed it all in his hair.  While I was trying to clean up that mess, he climbed the table and threw a bowl of candy and nuts all over the floor, then while I was sweeping that up - he smashed Cheetos into the carpet and all over his clothes - so I was desperately getting orange powder off the carpet and he did the ultimate - yes, examine the picture better - do you know what that is??????? yes it is POO!!!!  This little rascal is giving me a run for my money - i'm lovin it!  (not the poo - but I love his little cheeks - all 4 of them - he he)


Nichole said...

Oh my gosh you forget how active those little ones are!

Monya said...

OH MY....how cute he is.... we have a few of those stories but no pictures to back them up, so hold on to that one you may need it someday..... for bribary of course
love ya

Abby said...

That sounds just like one of my days with Troy! ...minus the poo for now, thank goodness! :)

Can't help but absolutely love the little stinkers!

Danielson Family said...

Yeah, I can't say I miss those days. OKAY OKAY... yes, I do!

Gooches said...

Andi...that is just a gross picture! I'm sorry but I just want to gag! He is a little rascal!