Saturday, December 6, 2008

Potty Moments

OK - I can not be the only one that have boys that pee outside???? or am I??? the other day, Will got home from school and I looked out the window . . . and there he was peeing next to the basketball hoop out in the front. What the heck???? I banged on the window and he looked up at me like all was well?? I asked him what did he think he was doing? If he had to go outside, could he at least go in the back yard? Did he really have to go in the front? Soooo embarrassing.

So lately Rowdy has discovered he can open doors now. I had noticed that he wasn't my shadow any more and could hear him in the bathroom. When I went to go get him - there he was - sitting in the toilet!!! I already knew that I would have to change is diaper because it was bad, but now it really was. I had to change a soggy gross diaper - that little stinker - he he.

BUT . . . I get to wake up to this lovely little thing every morning - I LOVE IT!!!!!!


Gooches said...

I can't imagine your famiy without him!

Cheri said...

Your baby boy is SO CUTE!!!!!!!

Love the toilet picture!

Abby said...

Love the morning pictures, so dang cute! I hope I never get to take a pic of Troy sitting in a toilet! :)

Danielson Family said...

That is too cute. Those are the moments you cherish always. Even if it is a soggy diaper.