Thursday, December 4, 2008

Gooch Reunion

We had a BIG Gooch reunion the weekend after Thanksgiving. It was so fun getting together with all the cousins. It was well organized, a lot of great history provided. Both Doug and I enjoyed every bit of it! We had some cousins stay with us. My kids couldn't get enough off the full weekend.

Grace Ann the last of her generation - she was a sister to "Arlo Gooch"  Doug's grandpa.  She was full of spunk, pretty trendy for her age, we enjoyed getting to know her.

Richard Gooch the patriarch of the Doug's family
Rowdy could not get enough of this cute little dog
We had a box relay - it was seriously funny to see everyone be blinded in the race.  We only had one injury - but over all it was a good laugh.
Carson had a good time with her "boy" cousins that were the same age as her - they are al trying to sit like Carson (Silly)

Here she is showing them she can act like a boy too!

We had an array of sport games going on - Baylie has been loving volleyball lately.
One of the most fun things my kids enjoyed was they had a rocket launch contest. They made their own rockets and launched them.  Will could not get enough of this event!

The game was stopped for a moment to watch the rockets getting launched!

Dougie-doug doing his thing!

We all had a diaper moment!
The race is on!
Grandma MA
Tucker - 

They had all the cousins line up according to age - here was Will's age group
Hanging out!
Rowdy hanging out with his best friend "Dad"
At the end of the day, Doug was still catching up with cousin talk - so I was taking everything out to the car myself - to give him time.  Will noticed I was packing up myself - and on his own came and helped me.  It made my day to see one of your kids - get it?
The last minutes of the day!


Danielson Family said...

Looks like you had a great time. I'm jealous about the weather. We're freezing here. I still think you look like one of the kids.

Arizona Arnolds said...

So much fun! I am glad you found your large boxes. Your tees are darling! Everytime they wear those they will remember all the memories and cousins. Great idea.

Carolyn said...

Don't you just love good times spent with family? Looks like such fun. Especially the Box races...LOL!!! I love the pics....especially the one where they're all watching the rockets. Did you Photoshop that? You have such an adorable family. I miss ya'!!!

Kerri said...

I love family get togethers. Looks like you guys had a blast!

I love that you are doing photo cards, I saw Molly's ... way cute!! You are so talented in that area.

megan said...

It was so fun to hang out with you guys! I'm glad that everyone had a good time. Hopefully we'll see you in December!