Sunday, September 21, 2008

Little Stinkies & Showers - ha ha

Friday, we went on our ward camp out. As were driving, both Doug and I noticed other drivers driving by and kept laughing at us??? We kept wondering why are they laughing? We suddenly realized because we offered to take up the John-Johns for the activity . . . and we looked like this driving up.  The company that owned this was called "Little Stinkies"

We had to be authentic!  Wyndi our great organizer of the whole event!

A few of the fun boys Will's age!

You can't see this is over a 15 ft drop over a dry river bed - they all were trying to walk across this - eventually the boys of course were having jumping contests off of it.

Baylie and a few of her friends - she ended up staying the night - so great of the Dillards to keep her for us!
Tucker, Todd and Meg - the "Trio".  These kids bike ride to school together and play a lot!!  I love seeing them together - Don't be fooled by the fact that Meg is a girl - she can out-ride, out skate, and out play these boys O F T E N!!! ha ha

My cute sister-in-law had her first baby shower - it was so fun. I can't believe this is the cute little 5 yr old that always looked in the mirror at herself at DC2 all growing up is having a BABY!! (just kiddn chels) We are way excited for her! I love seeing all the girl stuff (having had boys for the 3 kids - and my girls are over a century old) They have soooo many cute and practical things now day - it's fun to see.

These were some of the cute cup cakes we had at the shower!  Kristy Lee is soooo awesome at this!


Kerri said...

What a fun time you guys had at the camp-out. I am laughing at the picture of you guys pulling the portable toilets, so funny!!!!

shawni said...

Looks like fun times! And check out those awesome pictures, Andi!! Love'em. I wish our ward did a ward camp out.