Sunday, September 28, 2008

Life is a Roller Coster

Seriously, I look back on this whole week and it has been one crazy week. Not all bog entrees can be full of fun and pleasure etc . . . We have had a lot of drama this week, well drama is a bad word – our family has had a lot of ups & downs - misunderstandings, bad family news, adjusting friendships, constant health issues, serious economy news, political world news, school functions (a ton!), church functions, misc. stupid stuff . . .  you name it! Relatively things isolated by themselves not so bad but as a collective whole it can seem large. One thing I can say that has been such a blessing so far is that I am taking the adult religion class on Thursdays (sooooo good). They talked about this very thing. When life around you is in turmoil how important it is to carry on – I really have a new understanding of :

Mosiah 5:15
Therefore, I would that ye should be steadfast and immovable, always abounding in good works . . .

It seems to me that everyday I received this message all week. I would remember for the day, but forget the next, until I read my scriptures, went visiting teaching, saw the EFY theme on the fridge, the daily gem from you name it etc. . . It was nice. 

I absolutely loved the RS Broadcast. I realized how great it is to be a woman. There are so many good women everywhere! Always serving. I have to give a shout out to Kerri Winegar – she brought me dinner this week, even though I told her I didn’t need it. I know I’m not an easy person to serve – but when someone is willing to still reach out – I appreciate it! Thanks Kerri!

We had our primary program today – it ended this week so nicely – I loved seeing the cute kids, hearing the sweet songs, and seeing my kids looking to see if I’m looking at them.  Tucker & Will right before the program today - don't you love Will's cheesy smile & Tucker too cool for a tie?

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Carolyn said...

Love your handsome boys....such studs. Hang in there girl! Your life is sooooo full but sooooooooo blessed and I'm glad you're taking the class to keep things in perspective. I've learned over the years how much our families depend on us as mothers to be the steadfast and immovebale ones that keep calm in the midst of all the chaos. You're an awesome mom. Love ya'!