Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Falling Market & 72 hour kits

Yesterday I took Carson to Cheer practice and I sat by another mom that works for Bank of America.  She had been on conference calls all day because of their buy-out of Merrill Lynch.  She was just expressing some of the depressing news concerning our economy.  It was frightening to hear.  I was also listening to a talk show that same day about how we should brace ourselves in what may be another "depression".  YIKES!  It has made me really think hard about some of the dumb things I buy!!!  . . . and about the future of our finances.  Doug and I have had a few sit-downs and are self-checking where we stand.  WE really have had to go over what's important and not.

Sooooo because of all of this we are getting ready for our annual 72 hour re-packing day.  We do this every year during conference weekend.  We repack all of our bags, make sure food is fresh, clothes fit, and this year I need to make sure I have enough stuff for Rowdy.  I was reading on a some one's blog about how they have had family that has had to evacuate in the south.  I defiantly want to be prepared for anything.  It also helps when you sit and watch a movie about some kind of natural disaster to prompt you to get the ball rolling.  (I suggest "The Day After")  When my calling was over food storage a few years back I had to create all kinds of hand-outs on misc. things etc. . .  For those of you interested and want a copy of the 72 hour kit check off list download files on the link below - I also had a FHE story that I made to go along with everything.  It's nice to make sure the whole family is involved and they understand why.  Also check out this link for a video of a car kit.   PS . . this pic is of someone else's kits, not mine.  I think mine are too big - they're rolling duffle bags/back packs.  I chose that because one year I had my boys put on their packs and they fell backwards!


Nichole said...

I am redoing my 72 hour kits this conference too. Would you mind sending me that list incase I missed something. Thanks for the reminder.

Kerri said...

Thanks for the reminder about re-doing our 72 hour kits! I haven't updated them for a couple years now, I know, total slacker!

Lesley said...

Thanks for all of the helpful lists! I really need to get us organized! Conference weekend is a great idea!