Friday, July 11, 2008

Happy Birthday July Babies!

Happy Birthday to everyone that has a birthday in JULY!!! There are so many people that have birthdays in July! Soooo hope everyone either had a fun B-day or will have a great one!

Today is My birthday! Since we can not use our kitchen right now - I woke up to a #3 McDonald's Breakfast meal (my favorite) with a BIG OJ. One thing I love about Micky-D's is that you can GO LARGE!! So sweet of my hubby to get up and sneak out so I could be served first thing! Also, this will probably make my whole day . . . I caught my son Tucker in his room quietly wrapping a present for me - I could care less what it is because it just feels good to know that he was thinking of me . . . it's just too cute!

Also, I love that I share my birthday with my friend Judy! Happy Birthday Judy!

My friend Marla is also in July.  One time we both had our homes TP'd and spooned by other July birthday buddies!  It was pretty funny!
Our other July birthday buddies - Kristen & Wendy
OK . . . I have been waiting a LONG time to blackmail Amy with this picture - sorry Aim!  Any way it was fun celebrating your birthday the other night!
My cute nephews both have a birthday this month!  Happy Birthday Hayden and Mitchell!
And of course I can't miss wishing my sweet Tucker. 
Both Brother-In-Laws that are married to both of Doug's sisters birthdays are this month too.  Bryant & Nathen
My Mother-in-Law - MaryAnna

The Wish
Each birthday wish
I've ever made
Really does come true
Each year I wish
I'll grow some more
And every year


Lori P said...

Happy Birthday, Andi! Sounds like your day got off to a great start! Enjoy the rest of your day!! Love, Lori

Gooches said...

How fun! But seriously I have to insist that you take that picture off!!! :0) You do have alot of pics!

Tracey said...

Happy Birthday Andi - looks like you had a great day.

Rhonda said...

Happy birthday Andi and Judy. You share a bday with my hubby as well.

Kerri said...

Hey! So sorry I missed your b-day but looks like you got treated well! Hope your summer is going well!

Michelson said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRL!! I'm glad that it was a great day for you with lots of friends & family.
Such fun pix and I just love that one of Amy :)

Nichole said...

Happy bday Andi! I did make that header wider. Thanks so much! i want to come over and have you show me some tips when we get back.

Andrea said...

Here a late wish for a spectacular birthday! Make some of that gooey carmel corn for a late birthday treat. Looks like your summer is busy! Enjoy your last few weeks!

Arizona Arnolds said...

Ok a photo of us in pajamas! I forgot all about that, what fun. I just love ya and hope you had a great day.