Monday, July 7, 2008

Blog Lunch!

Hey I don't know who is interested, but we are going to San Tan Mall tomorrow (Tuesday) and help each other get our blogs going.  I have had a few people ask me for help - It will be fun!  Anyone is welcome. We are meeting at noon in the eatery area. They have free Wi- Fi - come on down!


Arizona Arnolds said...

I hope you have a good turn out and learn how best to teach us all! Do you think you'll do it again in the fall?
Hope Will's baptism goes wonderful.

The Bonds said...

Sorry I missed it...was it fun?

Lori P said...

This was great! I learned a lot but we have opened a can of worms! There are so many possibilities with all of the cute digital scrapbooking stuff out there! We need to do it again soon! --Lori