Friday, August 19, 2011

UCLA Heart Camp Fundraiser

Just after Christmas last year, I thought my Christmas season for invitations would slow down . . but it didn't.  In fact my small business keep increasingly busy more then ever.  As much as I enjoyed what I did - I literally had no more time for anything.

I was getting ready for "CHD Awareness" which we always doe every year because of Will, that I realized I could no longer continue on.  We left for California.  We went over to UCLA to an event that they hosted for kids that go to "Camp Del Corazon".  I felt so good about letting go of that part of my world and was looking forward to some down time. . . . When I got home that week I was called into the YW presidency in my ward.  Soooo that's where I have been for the last few months.  We have had a ton of fun activities like Girls Camp, big combined activities etc. . . When girls camp was over we left for a family reunion up at Zion's National Park.  Things have been moving so fast - but needless to say I have been loving my busy life and hope to catch back up with blogging.  I love to blog and miss that outlet - sooo hopefully back to recording the fun events that we get involved with.

CHD AWARENESS STUFF i.e. Ethan's Run, UCLA, PCH Thank a doctor

Lisa Knight director of Camp Del Corozon, and Coach of the UCLA Women's Gymnastics - Chris Waller . . . who had a heart defect himself!

TOMMY BURGERS!!  YUMM!  One of my BFF's came and met our family for dinner!

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kristen said...

Andi, welcome back :) It's so fun to see your family growing and changing. You look great BTW!! I sure miss you cute girl!