Thursday, May 20, 2010

Trying to catch up!

In the last few weeks - I have been to the BYU women's conference, came home immediately left for with the family for the Gila Valley Tempe open house, crammed in Baseball tournaments, tryout stuff for next year with a few kids, mothers day, and then Doug and I left for Nashville, Tennessee and Ashville, North Carolina.  It's been a little hectic - but worth it!!

Women's Conference: WC as usual was great.   This year prior to WC we had: ward conference, general conference, and stake conference - - - It was a nice foundation to go from into WC.   It was lovely to hear such great advice and to really set your sites on things that are true and having them on your mind when you go to WC.  The messages meant more to me because of that.  I really felt challenged to step things up in my life and really focus on things that matter.  I always feel uplifted at women's conference.  I love the messages and the spirit that is there.  There is nothing greater then going somewhere knowing that all of these great women who you are with believe in the same goodness you do - there is such power in that!!!  I tried to to capture how wonderful it is in the Marriott Center when we sing.  I love the closing session - and feeling the spirit as we sing together!  It was fun hanging with friends that had not gone before, friends that you don't get to see often and miss, and the BFFs that you get to enjoy all the time.

Love how  have washed my face put on my PJ's and then everyone wants pictures???  Oh well!

Had such a great time with my friend Carolyn 
I enjoyed the classes we went to and feeling the spirit with an amazing strong friend!

Kim hiding because we had way too many people sleeping in one room - we pulled in 2 cots. . . 
beds were full - but it's not WC without a huge slumber party.
Saying good-bye to Carolyn - she needed to get back to her kiddo's
I looked bummed,  maybe cause I was. - MISS YOUR Care!
trying to figure out how to stuff my suitcase so everything will fit - 
I still had to pay a fee for my over the pounds allowed!

Gila Valley Temple - literaly I came home Sat. night and left Sunday right after church for another 2 days.  We met up with Casey & Amy and their cute kids.  We had a chance to talk to the kids about some special experiences that we have had in our life in regards to the Temple.  I really want, not only my girls but my boys, to know how important it is to go to the Temple and learn the special things that will be taught to help you someday return to their Heavenly Father.  You only learn these keys in the temple.  I also wanted a "Dream" of someday how beautiful it will be to go there and marry their spouse there "FOREVER".  When I was a teenager, I grew up in an area where I did not have too many LDS friends in my life.  I always pictured a wedding where you walked down the isle and had a pretty wedding train behind you etc. . . .I never fully understand that going to the temple was not just about my wedding day but about the sacred things & ordinances you learn.  I never had that dream.  It wasn't until I was in college and I was traveling back to UT with my sister Janelle and we went through the Las Vegas Temple open house.  I still can picture us changing into our church clothes in a Gas station bathroom prior.  When we went through I believe the guide was inspired to take me through the "Bride Room".  She shared with me her testimony of how beautiful it is to be married in the Lord's house.  From that point on - I had that new dream in my life.  I value any opportunity that I have to show all my kids how great it is!
I wish it wasn't so bright out-side for the pics
I need some help with the exposure etc. . .

We love to eat at La Cocina de Casilla  in Globe or better known as "Burger House" - 
love to eat the Green-Chille Combo Burrito - the BEST!!

Baseball - Loving it!!! I love baseball!!!!  Doug is coaching both Tucker and Will this year for the Yankee Minor team.  It has been great to go to only one game time through the season.  I know we will never have this opportunity again to have both boys and the same team.  It has been a lot of fun.  We have had many friends on the team this year which has made it double fun.  When Doug was drafting the team - most of the coaches pick the next player that scored big during tryouts.  Doug chose people that we know.  Other coaches questioned his player picks.  Oh well - having a great team that you love to hang with has seemed more effective!  We are still in the run now during tryouts!  I know that having the boys have a chance to play all positions and play with friends and try to make it "FUN" (after all isn't that why the boys play in the first place??) is what has kept them in the playoffs against teams that have all "Club ball" kids on their team and play EVERYDAY - including Sunday!!!  So far it has been a great experience for the team - I wish them good luck in the next few games - we hope we can pull it off!!
love this pic - both my boys are in this pic - Tucker pitching, and Will I think is covering 3rd.

Mothers Day

pictured:  Baylie; Me; Delight, sister-in-law . . . very wise!!; MaryAnna, Doug's mom; Marcey, Doug's step-mom, Carson, missing, Marica (step-mom) in this picture, but she sneaked out before I could get a group picture.

I also wish I could have had my Aunt Dorthy, MaryLynn Lankford, Tracey O'Niel, my Gammy.

From the Smoky Mountains to the Blue Ridge!!!  I'm not kidding when I say Smokey to the Blue Ridge.  Doug and I hiked both mountains within a week.  Very intense - but it felt good to be working off all the extra food you eat when you are traveling.

Doug presented me going on this trip around Christmas time.  I wasn't sure if it was good timing for us since I would have barely been back from Women's conference only a week before.  However, Doug showed me how close he was to his mission in Nashville.  He has always wanted to show me his mission and possibly meet some of the people that he was involved with their baptism.  I knew this was important to him.  So off we went to Nashville, TN and then onto Ashville, NC

We flew into Nashville.  We were supposed to stay at the "Grand Ol' Opry" hotel - but the week prior, it had flooded with the rain.  All of downtown was flooded.  It has been devastating for the people there.  We changed our plans and saw other sites.  It was a really great experience to read from his mission journals and go to the sites that he was talking about.  I personally grew a love for the people that he gave discussions too.  I was so glad that he wrote in his journal.  It really was a great time going through everything.  To read Doug's thoughts and words in the beginning (ha ha - what a punk :) ha ha) to the end of his mission - amazing.  I was able to capture how serving the Lord can change someone!! His testimony touched my heart and I was happy to know that this experience is why is great (in my eyes - he he) today!!  This has truly blessed our family - and I was grateful to gain an understanding of some personal history of my own husband.

Now & Then -- same spot - time has changed!
US together!

On the banks of Cumberland River - in "Old Hickory" - Hendersonville, Tennessee

One of his apartments.  One of his Dad's friends from AZ - moved to Tennesse during Doug's mission.  He kinda took care of Doug out there - they were in the same ward for awhile.  We went and met in at his home there in south Knoxville.  He lives on the lake there and took us for a boat ride - loved all the homes that are built there.  We had a great time!


We stayed one night in a cabin in the smokey Mountains.  IT was so beautiful.  We went on a hike - that was beautiful but intense - I had to stop and take a breath - it was all uphill!!

We moved onto Ashville, NC - wow what a beautiful city!!  Really artsy - kinda like downtown Tempe feel to it - but beautiful.  We toured the famous Biltmore House, built by George Vanderbilt.  It was amazing to see a home like that, in it's time.  It was on the cutting edge of technology.  At first you look at that and think - so many people could have benefited from all of his wealth and he built a home like that???  Then you realize that so many people benefited from a home like that - it employed many of the towns folk, and he was really good to them.  We stayed at the "Groves Park Inn".  The spa was amazing - never been to one better.  It was fun to see all the famous people that go there - I know that Ben Stiller was there at the same time  - but didn't see him - my kids love "night of the museum" and really wanted an autograph.  Baylie personally wanted one written to her.  It was cute - I told her I'm not sure he wants to be bothered.  It had a ton of haunted stories too - a lot of fun.  We attended a award night for a distributor that Doug works with.
The view from our room was AMAZING!!  It was very peaceful and breathtaking!  I don't think we ever shut our drapes in our room!

Doug was there for work - and we had a dinner awards night to attend.  Doug didn't realize that he would be presented an award.

We walked around the resort at night.

US hiking  chimney rock!  The hike was wonderful to the top - then we hiked down to the waterfall near by.  They filmed "Last of the Mohican's" there, it was gorgeous.  We really enjoyed the weather and moved along quick.  There were a lot - ALOT of older people on the hike.  They kept telling us that it must be so nice to be young and hike fast.  We laughed, because we haven't felt young in a long time - we know we are getting old - it was nice to hear!

We attended the Ashville 3rd Ward Branch while there.  I love how you can go anywhere and still feel the same gospel message.  We met many great people.  They were having their "Branch" conference and so we enjoyed the members and leaders there.  The one neat thing that both Doug and I were wishing would happen here - but know it's not likely - every month they have a pot-luck.  We were invited - it was great!!
This cute little branch is tucked away in a neighborhood - we were late - because it wasn't out in plain site.

This is where they used to meet for church!  They were all very happy to get a building.  They said that they just barely finished the chapel.

There is no cultural hall there - so they just served lunch in the hallway - great food!

Trips can be hard though - I miss my kids - Everything is magnified on a trip.  Everything is great, wonderful, romantic, fun etc. . .etc. . etc. . . but also - I know for Doug and I everything else comes out too.  We see everything that needs to be worked on as well.  I can say this - that is what made this trip the most worth it of all.  We always talk about things that need to be worked on that you don't seem to have the "time" at home or "distractions" etc. . . I truly come home feeling like things have been accomplished that need to be done.  I am always grateful for those opportunities to grow!

LOVE THIS GUY!!!  Loved this trip with you Doug!!  IT was the best for us!!

Well we're home now - back to business.  I can't wait for school to be out.  I love hanging with my kids.


Anonymous said...

It looks like you both had an amazing time! So beautiful!

Arizona Arnolds said...

Wonderful time to share those memories of his mission spots & to see him honored with an award from work! Glad you were able to get there despite the flooding.