Saturday, January 16, 2010

usury pass - love it

Usury pass is such a great hike (in the winter). It's only 15 min. from the house. It's about 2 hours up & down. It's a nice quick fun hike on a Sat. morning. We are hoping to take a different kid with us each week and work our way into the whole family. It was beautiful! The weather couldn't have been more FANTASTIC!!! Anyone want to go - let me know!


Greg and Heidi said...

Hiking in our neck of the woods! We love to hike here too. Even my 4 year old comes with! You guys look awsome!

kristen said...

Hey I miss you so much!! Yes lets for sure get together for and there :) I'll let you know when I'll be in town next. I'd love to go through the home show with you again. Maybe it'll be going on when you are here next!