Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Polar Express - catch-up pics

We changed our plans like - 3 times to go to Polar Express. We have gone several years and enjoy it so much. Last year we didn't go because Rowdy was an infant - but we knew this year he would LOVE santa! Sure enough - he enjoyed the snow, santa, bells, the train, the lights, the big bathtub in the hotel etc. . . . Everyone, and I mean everyone had a great time especially seeing it through Rowdy's eyes. Everyone wanted to be with Rowdy when Santa came through our car on the train. If you ever go - make sure you stop by "Black Bart's Steak House". It like a dinner theatre. Your kids will enjoy it. They sing Disney songs and song from broadway. The singers are really good! We kept requesting songs . . . they love the audience.

Going on the Polar Express makes Christmas Time magical!

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