Monday, November 9, 2009

MCC T-birds - Shrine Bowl Champs! 20 Year Reunion

This last weekend was the 20 year reunion for the MCC Football 1989 WSFL Shrine Bowl Champs - NJCAA National Champs runner-up! It was a pretty amazing year for those guys and it has been 20 years. Doug was pretty proud to be apart of this team. He had already been on a 2 year mission and came back and played with this AMAZING team!

We had the Caccicarne's come and stay with us and we had the whole weekend of celebration for these guys. The main part was at the MCC's homecoming game and they brought them out on the field and honored them at half-time. We had a chance to meet each other's family for those that have been out of town. I loved how Tucker & Will even played with their boys for a pick-me up game. We had a chance to hang out with some many of old friends it was so great! The weekend was thoroughly enjoyable. I love that Doug had a chance to be part of this event!

A bummer part of the great weekend was Doug had to end the week-end with his stupid "community service" for the game and fish ticket he receive the day he went hunting. (I think some of the guys had a BIG kick out of the Mormon boy having to do community service)

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Sashay~Vanessa said...

Thats funny what a small world TC Wright is a good friend of our families and my boys train at his brothers gym the spot.