Friday, November 6, 2009

Can anyone say Tony Robbins?

State Fair is so fun!  We had a chance to go because Baylie was playing in the Band that day.  We decided it would be fun for all of us to go and watch her.  Carson took some friends.  The boys had a lot of fun playing on everything.   One thing that is great about the fair - Wed is $1 day & if you read 3 books you get free rides.  So we can do a lot that day for a lot of fun.  Rowdy by the end of the day was having a hard time watching all the kids - he wanted so bad to get on a ride.  One ride operator took pitty on him and let him get a chance.  It was so cute.  I could hear many people walk by and say "look at that baby on that ride"  I kinda laughed - but I knew he could handle it.

At the fair there was a hypmatist comedian.  My kids decided to go up there.  IT was so funny to see them up there.  Will actually looked like he was faking for awhile - but then I saw him get scared during one of the parts - then I got scared for him.  Carson layed her head on the guy next to her.  Baylie was funny.  We let one of Carson's friends go up there too.  Later on we found out that she was supposed too.  We have the video - it's hilarious.

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