Saturday, October 3, 2009

My Husband is a Criminal!!

When Doug went hunting . . . he got a ticket!!! Doug was checking out a gun that belonged to our Nephew. It was not a legal gun for that kind of hunting on that day. Doug fired off a few rounds just to see if the gun was worth buying for a different kind of hunt. A game ranger was watching them and immediately came over and gave Doug a ticket for firing that kind of gun to close to homes. It was such a bummer because they were already packing up to leave.

So just this week Doug had to go to court to see the Judge regarding the ticket. Doug was hoping to explain that it was a simple mistake but . . . .it ended up being a criminal offense - $500 - the judge dropped it down to $300 with 10 hours of community service!!!! He committed a crime. Sooooo my husband is a criminal now! Doug has decided to NOT buy that kind of gun! :)

GO D E V I L S!!! -- We love our season ticket seats!!! We sit with the whole Gooch family!! We are in the south end zone. Doug grew up in those seats with his Dad. It's been fun to keep the tradition going!! If anyone goes to the game stop by and say "Hi". We sit on the top row in the 38th section. It's so nice not having anyone behind us. People yell at us from below to say hi. You can stand up the whole game if you want. The re-play screen is right behind us - so we have a great view of everything. Last week I lost my shoe (flip-flop) over the edge. I was soooo embarrassed. I had to walk out of the game with only one shoe - it was a BIG and I mean BIG laugh for Doug - I still haven't lived it down with him.

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Danielson Family said...

Oooh! You're married to a criminal! That's exciting.