Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Go Gooch! Go Dawgs! & G3 Primary Program

Tucker has been playing Tackle Football since Aug - and camp since July. It's been a fun season - but I am secretly hoping it's going to end soon. It has been a commitment - but worth it. I'm not going to bear my testimony of football or anything - but there is something to be said for the discipline that goes with sports. He has had to work hard for his position - and sometimes he works hard and doesn't start at all. He defiantly has to endure things to the end and do it well. I appreciate activities that my kids are involved in that teach these life lessons. -- GO DAWGS!

Primary Program
Also - we had our primary program in our ward this week. I love the primary program every year. I love feeling the sweet testimony's from all the adorable kids. Since our church is at 8:00 we have to do a lot to make sure we are on time (which is about 50%). I thought the boys did a great job! They also did a great job preparing the clothes the night before! I thought they looked great!


The Burkinshaws said...

Im not just blowing smoke Andi seriously those are the best looking boys ever! What are the chances that I could inherit one?!?!

Gooches said...

They are heart breakers!