Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Opening Day of Dove Hunting

Every year Doug and the boys get a chance to go hunting with "Grand-pa Gooch". This year Bryce got to go with them too! They had a ton of fun. Will was Bryce's buddy. I know my boys are missing school to do this - but these are memories that you can't try to go back and get. This year's memory . . . Dad getting a ticket for firing an illegal gun. He had to give back all his catch to the Ranger. I'm so glad because I do not like to eat Dove. - ha ha


Bree and Bryce said...

OH MY GOSH! Why was my husband wearing his BROKEN ZIPPER SHORTS?

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Lorri said...

Nathan wishes he could have gone this year. Looks like great memories.

Kerri said...

Fun to read all your updates. Especially loved the Carson post. She has turned into such a beautiful young woman, I just love her!

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