Sunday, September 20, 2009

Carson's Sweet 16

I can hardly believe that my oldest has turned 16. She is an amazing person to me. It's so fascinating how much she has grown into a wonderful young woman. 16 things I love about Carson is:
1. She is my right hand man - I don't think I can accomplish anything with out my help of Carson!
2. She is a great book reader - she can read any book in about a day or two, given the time. I thinks she would rather read over anything. I have read many books because of her. I would love to be the mom that reads books then approves them so she can read them -- but she out reads me, so unfortunately she gets to them first. I am pleasantly surprised by her choices in book material. A few times we'll have discussions about weather or not we approve or not etc. . .
3. She has great taste in clothes - I love that I can borrow her clothes.
4. She has big dreams - She wants to be everything when she grows up - I love it!
5. She has a hearty laugh! She finds most things funny and she'll give a big chuckle that's contagious.
6. She is artistic. She can draw really good. I have several drawings to prove how great she is. Currently she is taking clay and I can't wait to see what she creates.
7. She can be an air-head. Toe-ha ha
8. We wear the same size shoe - enough said, double shoes!
9. She is a good story teller, she is a good writer.
10. She is a GREAT and I mean GREAT worker. She works hard til the job is done. I love that she understands how important this is.
11. She is a good hair dresser. She knows how to fix hair.
12. She has a beautiful testimony. I love that she really understands the purpose of things. She may not always think life is fair - but she overall understands why things are the way they are.
13. She is a great babysitter. She knows how to gain control of the situation with a loving touch.
14. She is athletic. Cheer has paid off. She can probably outrun everyone in our family! She is the one to help Doug move furniture!
15. She is smart. She has better grammer then I do.
16. She is outgoing!! She's not afraid to speak in public, stand up for what she believes in, She knows who she is!



Gooches said...

Carson is a great example to her cousins! I can't believe she is 16!

Tracey said...

I can't believe you have a 16 year old daughter..... they are all growing up so fast. Carson is such a cute girl!

ammon & Kim Riggs said...

What a cutie! This makes me cry because it's all soo true. Love ya Carson!