Saturday, August 15, 2009

Palmyra, NY Trip - Part III

Palmyra - It was fun to go and surprise my parents. They are LDS missionaries in Palmyra, NY. They work all the historic sites. During pageant time they rotate around at all the different sites. We found out where they were and went in to hear them in action. They seem to be having so much fun. We are really proud of them.! It was fun to be there with cousins etc. . .

Elder & Sister Clark

One thing that was so fun - my parents apartment is right next to the Sacred Grove. At night my kids would go and hunt for Fireflies, collect other bugs. Our night BBQ had the wonderful view of the Grove & Farm - it was so wonderful!

Pageant was amazing. We went both nights Fri & Sat . . . and were able to sit front row (thanks to Grandma Clark). It wasw impressive. My kids enjoyed meeting the cast. There are over 700 members in this Cast. WE were so impressed with some of the YM that were in the cast. They are waiting to go on their missions and this is what they chose to do for the summer - there is hope for good YM for my daughters to marry - ha ha.

During the day @ Hill Cumorah

Down Town & Whitmer Farm

The best Pizza ever! Namoni's Pizza

This Menonite Store was so fun - we bought a ton of fun cookies, bread, honey etc. . .

Baptisms for the Dead in the Palmyra temple was so special. It was the first time I had done them in a long time, and I got to do them with our girls. The temple workers were amazing, full of inspirational stories - we really felt the spirit that day. Palmyra Temple is the ONLY temple that has a clear window. Pres. Hinkley wanted the the window to be clear so you could have a view of the Sacred Grove.

Doug and I did some work before the girls came over. They were kinda late - we were starting to get worried. All the time they were outside with Grandpa getting their picture taken - not bad pics gramps!

Our last day in Palmyra was on a Tuesday. The pageant was over. It was a rainy day so there were not much visitors. Dad & Marcia were able to personally take us through the farm and show us how special that place is. It was so nice to have a one on one with them. Take extra time etc. . .

We flew out of Pittsburg and drove up to Ohio into NY and back again. It was a non-stop flight that made it easier for Rowdy to fly. It was nice way to pack it all in.

The city was beautiful "The City of Rivers"!

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Janelle Openshaw said...

Great pictures! We had such a great time with you guys!