Friday, August 28, 2009

Camp Del Corazon - "Heart" camp

We just sent will off to Heart Camp for 5 days. I am totally missing him. I know he is having fun . . . but I am still missing him.

He left with 40 other kids from Arizona to go to Catalina Island for Camp Del Corazon! It is a wonderful camp for kids with Heart Defects just like Will. He is in the most capable hands . . . all the nurses and doctors that already know him. Other Heart parents that volunteer for this camp. I know so many of the people that I know he is OK.

I used to be so involved with the support group and the Heart Center at PCH i.e. raising money, volunteering. Aprox. 5 years ago I had to pull away from every thing if I was ever going survive the emotional impact of everything.

I am so grateful Will has pulled through much of the worst part of his defect. Many of the kids have passed on. I'm not sure why some have survived and others not . . . but I know Will has a reason to be here. I love him so much.

The day ended up being an emotional day. Sending Will off then attending Ethan's Skidmore funeral. The funeral was done very special. Heidi handled everything with such class - I totally admire her for being such a brave person. Greg is a great dad! My hat's off to them and everything they went through. My hats off to Ethan for being a brave little boy!

Just a quick Shout out - Thanks to the Nick & Kelly Heart Fund for funding all of these kids and paying for them and their transportation to the camp! I appreciate it sooo much. I know Will does too. Every year they have a big Golf Tournament and silent auction to help pay for things like this. If anyone ever has things they can donate for this event, let me know. I want badly to be able to help with this as a token of our appreciation!


Kerri said...

What a sweet post! You are so lucky to have Will be so stong and healthy! I am sure he is having a great time at camp!

Janelle Openshaw said...

That sounds like a great camp, I am sure he will have a great time!

Karin @ 6ByHisDesign said...

hi! i stopped by thru shawni's blog (don't know her personally, just love her blog!) clicked on a name randomly in her sidebar and came here. had to comment, cuz we have heart camp, too --- i have two children with heart defects (plus two healthy hearts...) and they spent a week over the summer at a camp that is totally funded by a foundation through our local pediatric hospital. it is an amazing blessing and they have a fabulous time! i have witnessed too many pass away and feel that every day with my kids is a blessing [sometimes they drive me nuts! but a blessing just the same :) ]

anywho, just wanted to say hello.