Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Baseball Season GALL

We just had Tucker's opening day for baseball - it was so fun to have it at the "Field of Dreams!"

It's fun having both Doug and Tucker out there - they have the same stance - I often would look down into the dug-out and see them with the same mannerisms it was great.

Last minute coaching from coach dad, before he bats!
Keep your eye on the ball!
I love how they teach the guys how to steal a base - he came in and stole home!

I love this picture - we are going to make a poster out of this!

Red Soxs
They didn't win - he doesn't look to happy does he.  They didn't do so bad for their first game. Bummer - some one has to lose right?

But at least they had good sportsmanship - "Good Game!"


Gooches said...

Seriously Tucker is such a stud! Love this pictures!

The Turner Family said...

Love the Pictures! Love Tucker! Wish we could have been there. We will try for another game!

The Turner Family said...

I forgot to say the pictures captured the game so well. Love the one with the dirt being kicked up in the air. I can smell the game and the dirt just by looking at the pictures. Awesome!

Kerri said...

Andi, awesome pictures of the team! You are getting so good with your camera!

Arizona Arnolds said...

Great shots! I love your poster idea. I also love Doug teaching him and them him at the plate!
We saw Doug at Will's game vs. Sam's team Mon. I hope are you feeling better? I have talked to you since and you didn't mention the yuckies so maybe it was short :)

Andrea said...

loved the ball pictures. I need to get some poster worthy shots this year. way to work that camera!