Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Talk to Me Tuesday/ or Wednesday.

Okay . . . I thought I posted this yesterday - but I guess It didn't go through - I may be loosing it - but ......

I love Tip-Junkie!  I love to read the blogs that talk on Tuesday about a certain topic.  It lets me cruise other blogs of women that are extremely talented!!!!  This Tuesday Talk is what are we doing to bring Christ back to the holiday better . . . soooooo  we are doing the "Santa Letters".  I know I have posted before - but Doug and I are sooo excited about doing the Santa Letters for our kids.  We went to the web-site and downloaded all of the letters.  We sat together and went over each one together and thought of what we are going to do.  I never have seen my husband get so excited for Christmas - it's been fun to do this together.

Once again this is a book about a family that lost their dad.  It shows how they struggled together overcoming their grief, anger, and loneliness.  Each letter was a gift from Christ.  It really showed them the real meaning of Christmas.  We can not wait to sit with each of our kids and really share with them these gifts from Christ.


Janelle Openshaw said...
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Janelle Openshaw said...

I just bought this book and can't wait to start reading it :)