Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Gilbert Days

Every year we get to go to the Gilbert Day's Parade! This year just Carson performed in the parade and the stage show. We have so much fun! It has really become a family tradition. We always sit in the same spot. We have always sat by our old neighbors (that we miss so much!) . . . . The Anderson family and the Cook Family. This year Todd & Kathryn, Chelsea, Tally and Nate and their families came and joined us, Lisa Mickelson and sweet Savannah, and the Pickett Family. It was so fun. - Next year any can come and join us!  Please do - we'll have Krispie Kreame!

Look how VERY cute this is - Rowdy is saying "hi" to the horses - He loved all the horses!

Look at Judy on her lap top at a parade - ha ha


The Bonds said...

I love Gilbert Days...we used to go all the time with my dad. I think Brandon drove a tracker for your card blog!

Arizona Arnolds said...

Was Judy working on photo shoots? I think she is a little packed these days. But she has the sweetest smile! So she must enjoy it.

Carolyn said...

So Judy! Will is such a cute big brother to Rowdy, and I love Rowdy waving. Did Judy snap that??? Wish we could join you!