Sunday, August 31, 2008

Amateur Photos

Here are a few of my amateur photos - I know that only I am interested in this - this is really for me - just humor me.

This is a picture of upper-Manhattan across from Central Park vs. Harlem Housing - quite a contrast - but not quite a mile away from each other.  Notice the gutted building - kinda sad!
Malcom X street - this area of Harlem seemed like the most poverty area.  The other picture is of aprox. 20 cop cars passed us with their sirens - it was kinda scary at first, we didn't know what was going on.  Someone told us that every day they practice drill like this since 911.
I loved this view from Central Park,.  I also took this other picture when we were in Mid-town tunnel - It was cool to see cars so close to you (and scary).
Famous sites in Times Square - Everyday they had a different event - this day they were highlighting this washer and dryer, giving away free ones and filming commercials.

I love Brownstones - if I could choose a place to live in NY - it would be in one of these!
Another picture of the subway or train - it had graffiti the entire track - it was pretty cool.

We were pretty excited to go and do a session in the Manhattan Temple, we were all dressed and go up to the door. . . and they were closed for construction!! :(  We were bummed, but it made Central Park a lovely day, we went to the Met and over to the Natural Historical Museum (note - we thought we would be seeing all the fun things from the movie "a night at the museum - NOT, nothing was similar, save your self time if you ever go and this is the reason your going)
I took a ton of picture of subway signs - I know I can be cheesy!

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