Thursday, May 8, 2008

That's what little girls are made of . . .

One of my callings in my ward (church) is to teach the 10 & 11 yr. old girls "Activity Days".  It's much like Girl Scouts.  We were working on a craft for Mother's Day.  There are aprox. 20 girls in our group.  I teach with anotherleader - Holly Dillard.  The girls are so cute and fun with each other - and to hear what their day is like at school etc. . . It's a load of fun - here are a few of the girls.


Andrea Williams said...

Andi-Thanks for visiting my new blog! Your kids are darling......I love your title and pictures. Molly and Kristen inspired me to get started. It's quite a learning curve! I just got released from the 10-11 year old Activity Girls and I miss it. It's a great calling being with that age of girls. I loved it!
Keep in touch! Andrea

Andrea Williams said...

Oh! One more thing, daughter, Olivia came with Megan to your Mother's Day activity! Isn't that funny? She's so excited to give me her gift today!
Thanks so much! Andrea